Sunday, October 15, 2006

Series on Beginning Investing - Coming Soon!

Based on the poll results till date that indicate a demand for material on beginning investing, I will be devoting several posts to the subject in between my articles on other stuff.

I will be tackling the subject in five parts, based on the order in which you need to go through it:

  1. You Need to Start Investing - Right Now!
  2. Set Your Goals
  3. Before You Invest Anywhere
  4. Get Started
  5. Manage Your Investments
Based on my experiences and those of many of my friends, I know the hardest part is getting over the initial intertia and our natural tendency to procrastinate on money matters. The solution is to just start doing it! And I hope the step-by-step approach I will be laying out will be making it easier for you to start off on your individual journeys to wealth.

If you are new to this and feel the need to make your money work for you, do bookmark this site and come back in a few days to check out the first of my posts. I will space out the material to let it sink in and allow you some time to work on what you learn before coming back to read the next instalment. The reason for doing this is so you get a chance to clarify your doubts before moving on. Please feel free to get in touch with me over email or leave me your comments so I can try to tailor the content to what you really want to know about.

I'm pretty excited about this series and I really hope it's of use to all of you out there.

Next Post on Beginning Investing: You Need To Start Investing - Right NOW!


Prasanth said...


Eagerly waiting for your series to start. I liked every one of your posts and like the way you write. Wish i could write the way you do !!


Amit said...

Thanks, Prasanth. As usual your comments are very kind!

Work has been hectic this past week and the next week promises to be the same. Expect me to post something on Beginning Investing in a week to ten days.

Preeti said...


Found this url few hours back. I was just searching for the begginning of investment.

Eagerly waiting for your posts.