Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ask Value Research (Only You Can't!)

This is just a quick post to update you about an excellent feature on Value Research Online, which, by the way, is probably the best Indian mutual funds site on the Internet. Check out their 'Ask!' feature wherein you could submit queries about mutual funds and get pretty insightful and well-researched answers from their experts.

Unfortunately they seem to have suspended fresh queries for lack of resources (I'm sure they must have been swamped by questions!), but a look at the answers they did post in the past would be extremely instructive for mutual funds investors. I hope they re-start the service soon but, till then, you could get your own answers by looking at the wealth of data and information available on the site itself.


Prasanth said...

Hi Amit,
Valueresearchonline is my favourite site on mutual funds in India. I wonder what their business model is. I did not see anything which brings in cash for them except the mutual fund insight magazine which unfortunately is not very popular - i see them sitting unsold in my local bookshop most of the times.



Amit said...

I think it's the ads on the Internet - and of course the magazine, which might be selling more through subscriptions rather than bookstores. They might also be providing research to investment advisors...?

phil said...

hey guys,

Just saw this post.

A few pointers:
*Ask Value Research is back online (Just that its now merged back into the old website -> -> click on 'Ask' ). But for obvious reasons, the number of questions answered are selective and limited.

*Believe me when I say that Value Research is pretty strong on its foothold, so I wouldn't bother too much about its financial strengths :). After all its the only standing mutual fund research agency in the country for about two decades now.

*Mutual Fund Insight is a premium mutual fund magazine targeted at the premium segment. The company doesn't intend selling large numbers anyway (actually it doesn't care, if you understand the business involved. Fortune doesn't care for numbers, it cares for the audience, which boosts the brand, which boosts ad revenues).

*The magazine that does do 'the rounds' is Wealth Insight. A 'mass magazine', that has already clocked 1.5 lacs copies (monthly) within its first year of launch !!

*The online website is BIG. But rumours are that its going to hit much higher planes pretty soon


And by the way, i understand that the magazine / website is not for profit anyway. with no cost (or may be some nominal) cost structure that they have, it seems that they run it more for fun than anything else :)

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