Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thanks to the Economic Times

Hi everyone,

I've just learnt that this blog has got a mention in the Economic Times as one of a rising number of blogs on finance, investing and the stock market. Can't find the article online but will post a link once it is put up on the net.

[I, of course, look like a chump for having been a no-show on this blog for the past ten months. Oh, well, that's the price of celebrity... the intense media glare, the paparazzi, the complete lack of privacy...]

Thanks to all you readers who've followed my writing for the past couple of years and returned every so often only to read the same old stuff because I've been too lazy to add anything new. Will try to buck up now!

To the newcomers, please feel free to browse the archives. There's some stuff you might find useful. And do drop in from time to time to catch up on new articles as well.

Thanks for coming by!


Anonymous said...

Here is the Link


P. Ravindra Varma said...

Hi! Amit,

I saw your blog and am impressed with your commitment to what you do. You belong to a rare group of people who understand what is financial freedom and work for it. Since you said you spend your whole weekend in investing, I want to ask you whether you have ever thought of doing a networking business? It's amazing how it works and what you get out of it. Do write to me.

Prasanth said...

Hi Amit,
Life -- atlast. I have been a regular reader of your blog and was knd of wondering where you went ... (Well, even i'm not very regular in posting on my blog). Anyway, Congrats and looking forward to more posts from you.