Tuesday, November 22, 2005


  1. Shai Dardashti on Grahamian Value, a really good blog on value investing and one of the most comprehensive such resources I've seen on the Net. Highly recommended for people who follow Buffet, Graham and other fundamental analysts of their ilk.
  2. Value Stock Plus, which belies its name by spending a fair amount of time on global trends and movements of economies around the world, kind of like a CNN for the blogosphere! Check out the interesting comments on the Indian economy in this post and this one
I'd also take this opportunity to thank everyone who commented in response to my last post. Do keep coming back!


Gaurav said...

Hi Amit,

Came across your blog. Like you am a part time value investor.

I am from the IIM Calcutta PGDM 34 batch. So we must have seen each other one way or the other.

Would love to touch base and speak. Mail back at sudgaurav@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Good to buy
1. IndusInd Bank
2. SQL Star
3. Escorts
4. Sunflag
5. GE ship
6. Vishal Exports
7. Mphasis BFL
hold for short (a month) / medium term (2 to 3 montha) ... sell when profit goes beyond 15%...

Unknown!!! said...

Hey Amit.in ur previous post you have promised thaat u'll send the excel analysis and eexplain how to use that..but i never got that..pls do send that one...

Donald Francis said...

Hi Amit

Great to see your post. I have been desperately searching for another part-time value investor to compare notes on.

I didnt have the great success you have had as I entered the market after Mar 2005. But still had decent returns.

Echo yr viewpoint of tracking and waiting for the right price. Interestingly I too have developed an Excel based spreadsheet for indian stocks.

Would like to exchange spreadsheets/notes on a regular basis. My id is francis_donald@yahoo.com.
Look forward to hear from you and send you my contra take on Ranbaxy and improve on it.

Whats your email ID?


PS: asha kori commentta tomar kachhe pouchhobe

Anonymous said...

remebered ...
buy ESCORTS(@80 - Target is 130) and SUNFLAG IRON and STEEL (@14 - Target is 36)

---- tips before 2 days and escorts is 89 now

Nilesh said...

amit, thanks for sending xl sheet to me.

Prasanth said...

Hi Amit,

You write very well. have been following your blog all along but nver commented till now. Please keep writing. Your blog was an inspiration for me to start my own.



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Anonymous said...

Hey Amit

colleague from first job here.. how are you doing?


arrarrgee said...

Hey Amit...wazz up... you havent been posting on this blog... do write sth.. its a great source of inspiration for a novice investor like me

Anonymous said...

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Anamika said...

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