Sunday, November 05, 2006

How Much Are You Worth - Addendum

This is to acknowledge some excellent inputs provided by Prasanth in his comments on the previous post.

To summarize:

  • Remember to include your Provident Fund (or 401k or equivalent) and surrender value of insurance policies in the assets column
  • If you have reverse-mortgaged your property (taken a loan against your property or used your property as collateral for anything, including top-up loans, home improvement loans) include the amount of debt you have taken on as part of your liabilities.
  • Prasanth prefers not to include his primary residence in the asset side at all since it is not, strictly speaking, an investment (after all you need a place to stay) but I'd prefer to include it anyway. Not many of us will own more than one property and, if you've had the sense to make a good investment, you've earned bragging (and 'asset-column') rights to it!
  • Both Prasanth and I agree on not including inherited property because we tend to favour wealth creation over wealth inheritance, believing that you should add to what your forefathers left you, rather than living off it. But that's a matter of personal choice

I hope you have completed this exercise (or soon will) because I'll soon be back with the next post in the series and then there'll be more 'homework'!

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