Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Help Me Fight 'Comment Spam'

I just spent 45 minutes deleting spam comments from various posts on the blog and am really PISSED! So far I'd kept the comments free for all, hoping that it would encourage all you guys to share your views with the minimum of fuss and bother.

Unfortunately, spam comments are outnumbering genuine ones by at least 5 to 1 and so I'm having to disallow anonymous comments. I hope all you guys out there will understand and take the time to create a blogger ID so you can continue to contribute to this blog. On my part, I hope this step reduces the spam to a more manageable level so I can devote more attention to writing.

Thanks for your support and do come back soon!


Shai Dardashti said...

There's an option in Blogger Settings to require all comments to complete a verfication by typing in some letters... I had the same problem for a while at www.ShaiDardashti.com and now things are under control.

- Shai

karl said...

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Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Amit
You can midify the setings of your blog and apply the wrod verification tool.
This will help stop the spam and at the same time allow visitors to comment a "anonymous".
I also faced the same issue earlier and got a great help from the word verification tool. Since now I see that you have already applied word verification, blocking anonymous may not be required.

Amit said...

Thanks, Shai and Rajesh. I've changed the setting now and hope things will now be under control.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit-

My boy friend came across your blog the other day- by nay chance did you go to the Naval School in New Delhi in 8th or 9th grade? If so, then you and I used to be great friends back then.

Amit said...

Yes, I was in Naval Public School in 7th grade. Whoever this is, please mail me your contact to journeytowealth@gmail.com. Would be great to get back in touch.

Saumil Patel said...

hi amit,

it was good reading ur blog .. i was actually looking for suzlon's current net worth and landed on ur blog thru a link ..

anyways, regarding comment spam .. you might want to consider shifting ur blog to a wordpress !

you can host if on ur domain and it gives you great control ... and therez a brilliant spam control plugin that you can use ....

it also has a tool which allows you to import all your exisitng posts from blogger .. so u wont loose any content !



Anonymous said...

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